Providing training and consulting services to clients (educational institutions, public or private organizations, businesses) wishing to infuse the use of distance learning and other education-related technologies

Offering opportunities to primary, secondary, and postsecondary educators for professional development, and for participation in research projects conducted by the Laboratory (e.g. onsite and online seminars on educational technology and curriculum innovation, summer institutes for teachers, resident fellowships for university faculty, employment of teachers as research assistants or research associates, etc.)

Designing and conducting, on behalf of clients, of quantitative, qualitative, and blended evaluations of technological interventions using traditional and/or online data collection methods

Sponsoring of a variety of events – conferences, colloquia, lecture series, symposia, seminars, workshops, forums, etc. – for stakeholders in the field of learning technologies

Establishment of programs that promote cross-institutional, worldwide research collaborations in areas important to the learning technology field (e.g. invited researcher programs, post-doctoral programs, guest lectures, etc.)

Creating and supporting special interest online collaborative communities (e.g. establishing online communities of practice for teacher professional development in different subject domains)