The aim of the proposed project is to establish blended learning as an inherent part of the teaching practice in European University Cyprus. In particular, the project has the following main objectives

1. To design, implement and test two prototype (2) blended learning courses

2. To train instructors of European University Cyprus in the design and implementation of blended learning courses

3. To use the experience gained from the implementation of the prototype courses for the design, implementation and testing of a blended learning course for each degree offered by European University Cyprus

The project was implemented by members of the ICT –Enhanced Education (ICTEE) laboratory within the period of two years (2010 – 2012).

The implementation of the Blended Learning project brings European University of Cyprus at the forefront of applied educational technology in Cyprus. While all Cypriot institutions utilize specific ICT educational tools as part of their courses, the implementation of this project resulted in the establishment of the first full-scale use of blended learning methodologies as an inherent part of the educational process.