Project Summary: ReadTwinning aims to address the ongoing need for effective strategies and tools to promote reading among young people, bridging school activities with personal interests and fostering social connections across students of different classes, schools, cultures and countries. The need for a strong, active and methodologically innovative commitment by European schools in promoting a love for reading among young people is confirmed by all available data on reading literacy. One in five 15 year-olds in the EU is a low achiever in reading. Reading performance has not improved in recent years and the EU is lagging behind its 2020 target to have less than 15 % of low achievers. Children from migrant backgrounds or from disadvantaged households are less likely to be able to read well at school and less motivated to reading than their classmates. This has the potential to be devastating for their future lives. ReadTwinning will address these urgent needs by developing and testing an innovative approach, which combines standards-based teaching practices with creative and collaborative use of emerging technologies, and aims to motivate 9-15 year old students to read more and enjoy more the experience of reading and, in turn, improve literacy.

Funding Organization: European Commission –Erasmus+ / KA2, Strategic Partnerships for School Education (Ref. #: 2019-1-IT02-KA201-063241)

Project duration: November 2019 – May 2022

Project Website: