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RemixED – Innovating Teacher Professional Development with Team-based Learning Design

Project Summary: RemixED is an Erasmus+ funded project that aims to: Co-create a sustainable teacher professional development approach and supporting technology (based on the remixing of lesson plans). Help teachers adopt student centred learning approaches and inclusive teaching strategies by providing expert guidance. Improve mental health literacy by using and improving existing open educational resources […]

ImTech4ED: Immersive Technologies for Education

Project Summary: Immersive technologies such as augmented and virtual reality and digital games offer a wide range of possibilities for educational use. A main reason for their limited uptake in education this far, is the mono-disciplinary education in fields that would need to collaborate to deliver widely usable immersive educational solution: game design, computer Science, […]

FemSTEAM Mysteries: A Role-Model Game-Based Approach to Gender Equality in STEAM

Project Summary: FemSTEAM Mysteries is based on the values of gender equality and non-discrimination between men and women in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM), creativity and innovative entrepreneurship. Through the adoption of an innovative approach that integrates STEM and Arts, and combines Role-Model and Game-based methodology with a mystery story-telling digital […]

Augmented Assessment: Assessing Newly Arrived Migrants’ Knowledge in Science and Math using Augmented Teaching Material

Project Summary: The AUGMENTED ASSESSMENT PROJECT aims to address the gap that exists in assessing newly arrived migrant students’ prior knowledge in the fields of Science and Mathematics, by utilising augmented reality for assessment. This will be achieved by developing and piloting an innovative augmented toolkit in the form of an online library and a […]

EDUTECH: Teaching and learning with technology in Higher Education

Project Summary: In line with the strategic framework for European Cooperation in Education and Training (ET 2020), the main objective of EDUTECH is to exploit recent technological advances for improving the quality and efficiency of higher education teaching and learning, and for reducing the existing skill shortages and skill mismatch in the EU workforce. Specifically, […]

ReadTwinning: Connecting students through shared interests to develop a love forreading

Project Summary: ReadTwinning aims to address the ongoing need for effective strategies and tools to promote reading among young people, bridging school activities with personal interests and fostering social connections across students of different classes, schools, cultures and countries. The need for a strong, active and methodologically innovative commitment by European schools in promoting a […]

ENTELIS+: Accessible skills for a technology enhance learning in an inclusive society

Project Summary: Run between 1st January 2014 and 31st December 2016, the European Network for Technology Enhanced Learning in an Inclusive Society (ENTELIS) project gave birth to a Consortium of 10 partners – nine from across the European Union and one from the United States. The aim of this newly born network was to empower […]

FA-ST: Fast prototyping and entrepreneurial skills to promote female founded start-ups in STEM

Project Summary: The aim of FA-ST is to provide opportunities of empowerment and personal development to girls and young women (aged 18-30) affected by socioeconomic barriers (migrants background, weak family support, early school leavers), and inspire them to start a business in the STEM sector. The project will achieve this by: (i) identifying new engaging […]

BE-COM: Between interaction and innovation – creating communication space in the digital world

Project Summary Project BE-COM and implements innovative practices in Higher Education targeting both instructors and students. Both groups indicate the need to modernize teaching methods and improve digital and communication skills. Digital competence is one of the eight key competencies in the lifelong learning process necessary for full participation in an increasingly digital life society. In response to […]

ENREAC-HEI: ENhance REseArChers’ and HEI staff’s skills and competences in data management and research integrity to increase academia collaboration capacity

Project Summary: The ENREAC-HEI project aims to develop and test a set of MOOC courses on Research skills and Open Science practices, addressed to Higher Education students to increase their skills and competences in research management, open science techniques, collaboration and teamwork. The main objectives of the project are to: Increase the knowledge on current […]

EL-STEM – Enlivened Laboratories within STEM Education

Motivating EU students to choosing STEM studies & careers and improving their performance in courses related to STEM education Project Summary:  EL-STEM aims at fostering an innovation “ecosystem” in European secondary schools (ages 12-18) that can facilitate more effective and efficient user-centric design and use of AR/MR resources for personalised STEM learning and teaching. The […]

STEMitUP – Instilling interest in STEM entrepreneurship to European students

Project Summary: “STEMitUP” refers to the idiom “Spice it up” that means “make something more interesting or exciting”. STEMitUP aims at developing a state-of-the-art comprehensive educational programme that will fill STEM teachers’ quiver with innovative and fun pedagogical tools. The overall aim is to make STEM-related courses fun and interesting for students of lower secondary […]

CSRC – Center for STEAM Education Research, Science Communication and Innovation

The aim of the project is to establish in Cyprus a Science and Research Center to: Undertake competitive interdisciplinary research of excellence for the development of innovative tools and exhibits for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) Education and Science Communication. Promote science literacy and capacity building through informal STEAM Education using interactive Science […]


Project Jupyter@edu tests and implements innovative practices in the field of higher education. Moreover it supports synergies with research and innovation activities and promotes new technologies as drivers of improvements in education. Today’s cloud technology allows comfortable work in almost any discipline with just a web browser. Open scientific software is not an exception. There […]

JOBIT: Innovative teaching methodologies and courseware for software development Vocational Education and Training (VET) to reduce skills gap in IT

With low unemployment rates and high demand across a variety of regions and vertical markets, the IT job market is among the most robust in Europe in 2015. Topping the list of must-have IT professionals for companies wanting to build new products or develop proprietary internal systems, are software developers and software engineers. However, the […]

CS4HS: Developing A Trainer of Trainers Course

Google’s CS4HS initiative is an annual grant program promoting computer science education worldwide. In particular, CS4HS supports colleges and universities in their efforts to provide professional development training for local high school and middle school teachers. The ICTEE laboratory team, led by Mr. Pericles Cheng, and also including Dr. George Christou and Dr. Konstantinos Katzis, […]

NeReLa: Building network of remote labs for strengthening university secondary vocational schools collaboration

The wider objective of this project is to increase attractiveness of engineering education through innovative teaching methods as well as through the strengthening of university- secondary vocational schools collaboration The specific objectives, which the project shall achieve, are the following: To build cross-universities network of remote engineering laboratories in order to enhance engineering education at […]

ENTELIS: European Network for Technology Enhanced Learning in an Inclusive Society

The development of digital skills is important for the inclusion and participation, further learning, employability, emancipation and active citizenship and self-fulfilment of people with disabilities. ENTELIS, a KA3 ICT Multilateral Network, aims to address issues of reducing the digital divide, especially for people with disabilities of all ages, and to increase participation and social inclusion, […]

SimSchool: Deeper Learning Modules for Learning to Teach

The SimSchool Modules Project is a project sponsored by the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE) in collaboration with CurveShift (simSchool) and Pragmatic Solutions, Inc. (Leverage). The project, which has been selected from a field of more than 600 pre-proposals and 50 finalists, aims to enhance the simSchool platform, a ‘flight simulator’ […]


The aim of the proposed project is to establish blended learning as an inherent part of the teaching practice in European University Cyprus. In particular, the project has the following main objectives 1. To design, implement and test two prototype (2) blended learning courses 2. To train instructors of European University Cyprus in the design […]

SMASH: Helping Parents to Help their Children Excel in Mathematics and Science

Acknowledging the central role of parents in children’s learning, SMASH aims to raise the educational standards of European youth in mathematics and science by cultivating underlying home cultures as springboards for learning. The project consortium has developed an intercultural parent-trainer training course and related resources for European teachers, school administrators, representatives of parent associations, and […]

EarlyStatistics: Enhancing the Teaching and Learning of Early Statistical Reasoning in European Schools

EarlyStatistics, aimed to enhance statistics instruction in European schools by harnessing the power of the Internet to provide teachers with access to a wide array of colleagues, discussions, and resources eluding them in their workplace. The project consortium developed and pilot tested an online professional development course in statistics education targeting elementary and middle school […]

AVD-Merge: Educational Network Structure for Dissemination of Real Time AV/Data Communication in Engineering Education

The project focused on pedagogical and didactical methodologies targeting science and engineering teaching staff, for the effective integration of AVD communication services in eLearning and distance teaching processes. The knowledge base developed through the project offers organized expert and collective end-user knowledge on best practices, technical advice, didactical methodologies, and training modules on the effective […]

E!3118 – Eurolearn European Welder

The project developed and validated a new pedagogical framework for organizing, delivering and carrying out in-company skills development by using a coordinated audio, video and data collaboration environment. The model area is the welding industry, but the same training principles could be transferred to a wide variety of other industrial sectors that follow standards, including […]

MECCA: New Models for European Cost-efficient in-company Certification and Accreditation training

MECCA aimed to validate new pedagogical principles for organizing and delivering in-company skills development, by establishing new modelsfor delivering more cost- and time-efficient in-company adapted blended learning and training that create new synergies for effective and pedagogical inclusion of state of the art high quality real time visual collaboration and communication tools into current training […]

PLAY&LEARN DIGIMEDIA – Playful Learning Experience

The main idea of the PLAY&LEARN DIGIMEDIA project is to improve the use of digital media in adult education through offering high quality online teacher training that will develop the competencies of adult educators and teachers in ICT-enhanced instruction. The aim of the project is to provide teachers with hands- on tools for designing their […]

The Living Book: Augmenting Reading for Life

The overall aim of the EU Erasmus+/KA2 project The Living Book – Augmenting Reading For Life is to address the under-achievement of European students aged 9-15 in reading skills, by developing an innovative approach and related resources to increase the motivation of young students to reading. The project seeks to practically contribute to meeting the […]

ELOISE: E-learning Objects for Innovative Science Education

Experiments, visualization and modeling are an important aspect of all the disciplines of natural science, and to learn science without including one or more of those is difficult to imagine. In adult science education, there is growing need for producing interactive learning objects in the widest possible sense (videos, simulations, animations, etc.), but a lack […]


In rethinking Democratic Awareness, we should not forget that the threats to Europe’s citizens are becoming more varied and increasingly cross-border in nature. DEMOKLEOS acknowledges the vital and crucial role of education professionals in prevention and change and builds on the convergence of competences: specialist and subject-specific Democratic Competences, according to the model of the […]

MATH-FORT: Constructivism in Teaching Mathematics

Constructivism is a contemporary model of teaching in which a student acts as a researcher. On the basis of competences already possessed, inspired by a teacher using various sources of information, the student independently gains new knowledge and skills. The Constructivism in Teaching Math – Open Educational Resources project aims at to support high school […]

RELOBIE: Reusable Learning Objects in Education

The aim of RELOBIE: Reusable Learning Objects in Education is to improve the adult and higher education in the participating countries and strengthen the teachers´ skills and knowledge in using videos in all education and thus their digital competences, as well as inspiring them to new ideas about teaching methods and on-line learning. The project […]

School on Cloud: Connecting Education to the Cloud for Digital Citizenship

School on Cloud is an ICT network funded by the European Union Lifelong Learning program that focuses on the impact of the Cloud and apps on education. The Network explores the new dynamic ways to educate that aligns with the way we think, share, learn and collaborate outside of the classroom, across various education sectors.  […]

EUGENE: European and Global Engineering Education

The EUGENE Network aims at improving the impact of European Engineering Education (EE) on competitiveness, innovation and socio-economic growth in a global context.   This goal will be achieved by setting–up and a top-level “discussion & action” forum to monitor and support the continuous evolution of EE in the EHEA and to open its competition […]

New Models for European Cost-efficient in-company Certification and Accreditation training (MECCA)

MECCA aimed to validate new pedagogical principles for organizing and delivering in-company skills development, by establishing new models for delivering more cost- and time-efficient in-company adapted blended learning and training that create new synergies for effective and pedagogical inclusion of state of the art high quality real time visual collaboration and communication tools into current […]

NS-eCMS: Content Management and Collaboration Environment for Natural Sciences

The NS-eCMS project focuses on the design and development of an open web-based content management, communication, and collaboration eLearning platform that addresses the specialized requirements for distance education in natural sciences. Media rich content management will be achieved through a federated architecture enabling straightforward development, exchange, and publication using international standards, specifically MathML and XML. […]